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City & Guilds Qualified Logo


The City & Guilds Qualified logo is available to learners who have achieved a Level 2 City & Guilds qualification or higher. The logo includes a descriptor that shows the level of the qualification you have achieved.

The level descriptor is a recent addition that safeguards consumers against the level of expertise they can expect to receive from a tradesman as well as allowing learners to become more competitive by completing qualifications of a higher level.

If you wish to apply for the City & Guilds Qualified logo, please email your request with scanned copies of your certificates to


To ensure you receive the correct logo, please only send copies of the certificate with the highest level qualification you have completed. Please note: Certificates of Unit Credit are not accepted as evidence that you have completed a qualification.





Open College Network West Midlands (OCN)


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ICMG UK (International Professional Groomers / International Certified Master Groomers UK) 


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iPet Network - The International Pet Education and Training Network


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